Claire-Pascale Musard | oboe

Claire-Pascale Musard was born in 1971. She studied oboe at the Conservatoire de La Chaux-de-Fonds, firstly under Françoise Faller then under Evelyne Voumard. After obtaining her instrumental diploma in 1993 “cum laude” she polished her skills in Bern in the class of Hans C. Elhorst (Reifeprüfung in 1996), then in Zurich under Thomas Indermühle.

She currently divides her time between orchestral activity, teaching her instrument in schools (music college, Delémont Conservatoire and the Ecole de musique du Jura Bernois) and playing chamber music in various groups.

She is an oboe player and a founder member of the Nouvel Ensemble Contemporain, but has also, for several years now, taken an interest in playing ancient instruments, which she studied under Michel Piguet.